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Early-stage Start-up Support

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Entrepreneurship Expertise

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Growing Network in the local and regional Ecosystem

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Tirana Inc. provides you access to a growing network of companies, industry experts and partners, researchers and investors. Hundreds of curious minds are actively involved at Tirana Inc. and are available as mentors, advisors, investors, or collaborative partners.

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What We Offer
Working space, training & mentoring

Provides working space, training and mentoring for selected student teams from Albanian universities

Expertise in startup entrepreneurship

It's structured around experiences of other entrepreneurs and is supported by experts in startup entrepreneurship

Membership to Tirana Inc Alumni network

Upon completion, provides lifelong membership to the Tirana Inc Alumni network

How can you benefit from Tirana Inc.
Benefits for Student Start-up Teams
Hands-on support on how to start and run a successful company.

Practical guidance for successful company launch and management.

Individual mentoring sessions with local and international seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts

Personal mentoring from experienced local and international entrepreneurs and experts.

Access to a vibrant community of passionate founders

Engage with a dynamic community of passionate founders.

5k Euro prize money

Opportunity to win 5k Euro prize money.

How can you benefit from Tirana Inc.
Benefits for Founding Partners of Tirana INC.

By building the first student incubator in Tirana together with other Albanian universities you will be part of history. It will allow you to:

Share resources, learn and build networks

Create economies of scale (enough start-up teams)

Be an interesting partner for government and business

Create a “landmark” location in Tirana

Be able to select two student (or recently graduated) start-ups for Tirana INC.

How can you benefit from Tirana Inc.
Benefits for Tirana INC. Program Supporters
Organizations supporting the program commit to communicating Tirana INC. information around new programs, events, activities etc. in their community via leaflets, online newsletters and social media

Program supporters actively contribute to the program through their expertise, network and are able to sponsor start-up teams

In return Program Supporters increase their eligibility as a key player in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and get first row access to young entrepreneurial talent