How to Apply

How to Apply
How to Apply alien_admin February 6, 2020
The program is growing and preparing to welcome its next cohort.
A new round of applications for Tirana Inc. will be announced soon.
Stay tuned!
Application Criteria
Affiliation with Albanian universities

First order priority: teams from founding partner universities
Second order priority: teams from program supporter universities
Third order priorities: teams from other Albanian universities
“Wild card”- innovative international initiatives with a strong reason/ preference to be based in Tirana.

Founder qualities

Student or recently (>5 years) graduated.
Expertise on the subject matter
Committed & driven
Founder can develop the product (MVP) him/ herself or has a right team at hand.

Team composition

First order priority: at least two co-founders or founder and a team member.
Second degree priority: sole founder with a strong expertise relevant to the startup.
Complementary Skillset among team members/ co-founders.

Idea assessment

Innovative solution to clear customer problems 
Impact – preference for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or alliance with university policies
Scalability – is the idea capable of being scaled?
Sizable market – does the market for the idea exist; is it big enough for a scalable business?