How to Apply

How to Apply
How to Apply alien_admin February 6, 2020
Following a fantastic first cohort of teams, Tirana Inc is ready to welcome a new batch of entrepreneurs throughout the first half of 2024. A program supported by EU for Innovation and GIZ Albania and implemented by Tirana Inc in collaboration with preneurz.Amsterdam, Tirana Inc will offer its services to students or recent graduates aiming to take their idea or start-up to the next stage through mentoring and coaching sessions as well as networking events.
If you’re a student or a recent graduate (<5 years) with an innovative, impactful and scalable idea, bringing about expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm and seeking guidance through mentorship and fellow entrepreneurs in the local innovation ecosystem, apply to Tirana Inc’s latest call until January 24th, 2024 and become part of the next batch of entrepreneurs growing in this dynamic, conducive environment.
Please note that a pre-selection will be made at this stage and the final selection of participants will happen at a Bootcamp activity foreseen to take place in February 2024. 
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Application Criteria
The program is growing and preparing to welcome its next cohort.
A new round of applications for Tirana Inc. will be announced soon.
Stay tuned!
Affiliation with Albanian universities

First order priority: teams from founding partner universities
Second order priority: teams from program supporter universities
Third order priorities: teams from other Albanian universities
“Wild card”- innovative international initiatives with a strong reason/ preference to be based in Tirana.

Founder qualities

Student or recently (>5 years) graduated.
Expertise on the subject matter
Committed & driven
Founder can develop the product (MVP) him/ herself or has a right team at hand.

Team composition

First order priority: at least two co-founders or founder and a team member.
Second degree priority: sole founder with a strong expertise relevant to the startup.
Complementary Skillset among team members/ co-founders.

Idea assessment

Innovative solution to clear customer problems 
Impact – preference for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or alliance with university policies
Scalability – is the idea capable of being scaled?
Sizable market – does the market for the idea exist; is it big enough for a scalable business?