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About Us
About us alien_admin February 6, 2020

Tirana Inc. is the first multi-university incubator in Albania supporting student-led entrepreneurship through training, mentoring, and networking in the local and regional ecosystem. It's our mission to grow into the number one destination for ambitious Albanian students to kickstart their company.

In 2021, Tirana Inc. opened its doors for ambitious student teams with a great business idea.

The founding universities of this initiative are Polis University and University Metropolitan Tirana with these associated universities: Polytechnic University of Tirana, University of Tirana and Epoka University.


Tirana Inc. is an initiative of Polis University and University Metropolitan of Tirana to establish the student incubation program in Tirana. Powered by EU4Innovation, the program is implemented by Tirana Inc. in collaboration with Preneurz.Amsterdam.

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